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CAN FD hub

Connecting up to eight I/O modules

Intrepid offers the RAD-IO2 series, a family of ruggedized products that provide isolated analog, digital, or temperature interfaces to a PC via the PC’s USB port.

The RAD-IO2 modules can be connected by means of the RAD-IO2-CANHUB gateway to CAN-based networks (Photo: Intrepid)

The RAD-IO2 modules communicate on an open source UART-based serial communication protocol. Up to eight devices can be daisy-chained. The chain-length is limited by current supplied to the chain through USB. All RAD-IO2 modules have input-to-output isolation, and 2,5-kV isolation between each of the eight banks. Bank-to-bank isolation is useful, because it allows the common-mode voltage of each input signal to be different than the other channels in other banks. This is a major source of measurement error and can damage to the product. Additionally, noise on one channel will not affect other channels.

These systems can be powered and also be paired with Intrepid products that include a USB port. In addition, the RAD-IO2-CANHUB can power and convert the native UART signal to Classical CAN or CAN FD data frames. The USB-to-CAN gateway is coming soon and is powered via the 9-pin D-sub connector, which contains the CAN FD pins.

The product family includes modules with analog and digital I/O functionality (e.g. the RAD-IO2-AOUT module with eight Isolated analog output banks, each with three analog outputs per bank)


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