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Sealed CAN module

Made in China

Zdauto (China) has developed a series of electronic modules. One of these modules provides CAN connectivity with bit rates up to 1 Mbit/s.

The electronic modules measure 21 mm x 12,7 mm x 5 mm (Photo: Zdauto)

The M5S-CX-CANE3 module comes in a sealed plastic packaging. They are dust-, fire- and waterproofed. The small dimension – similar size as relays – is suitable for applications with low-space requirements. In Germany, the products are available from TDE Instruments. The module consumes 10 mA using a 5‑V supply voltage.

The relay-sized modules can also be integrated into sockets and housings (Photo: Zdauto)

The M5S series include modules with digital and analog I/Os, pulse inputs and outputs, and power conversion (5‑VDC, 12‑VDC, and 24‑VDC level). Besides the CAN interface module, EIA‑232, EIA-422, and EIA-485 are supported. The modules can be directly mounted on a PCB board. The Chinese supplier also provides a socket device to mount the modules. Another option is the integration into a PLC host controller or in extension units. The information that CANopen software support is available has not been confirmed yet.


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