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USB dongle with two CAN FD ports

Xylanta has developed in cooperation with Aptiv the µSaint3 interface module. It is based on an ARM processor.

The two CAN FD interfaces are independent from each other (Source: Xylanta)

Xylanta has been working on the development of the next generation of the Aptiv/Delphi SAINT2 products that is called Saint3 family. These add CANFD support, both in the hardware and with tools that support CAN FD. Currently, there are two products in the family. One is the Saint3 Pro, which is a drop-in replacement for the Saint2 with support for standalone re-flash and emulation. The other is the µSaint3, which targets desktop applications that require CAN FD connectivity.

The Saint3 family provides one USB 2.0 interface and links on the other side two CAN FD ports. The CAN FD interfaces are available at 9-pin Dsub connectors using the CiA pinning. On-board is a 32-bit ARM processor and two ISO CAN FD controllers as well as two TJA1057 transceivers. Termination resistors are implemented and can be switched on and off.


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