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Mini-PCIe board

Coming with two CAN channels

The MPEu-C1 module by Versalogic provides one Classical CAN channel with CANopen support. Another interface features CAN FD.

The CAN FD interface runs up to 5 Mbit/s (Source: Versalogic)

Versalogic (USA) has expanded its line of industrial Mini-PCIe host interfaces. The dual-channel board provides one Classical CAN and one CAN FD interface. The Classical CAN port running up to 1 Mbit/s supports the CANopen application layer, which standardizes communication between devices and applications from different manufacturers and was developed for embedded systems used in automation. It is suitable for applications such as industrial machinery, defense and aerospace, medical equipment, and vehicles such as trains, buses, mining trucks, first responders and more. The CAN ports provide a 2,5-kV signal isolation to protect the host computer and increase system resilience.

"Customers can now easily add high-speed CAN ports to any embedded systems with reliable, full performance operation even in industrial temperature applications," said Len Crane, president of Versalogic. "This tiny Mini-PCIe expansion board takes thermal management seriously. It will run at full speed across the full industrial temperature range." The board is specified for operating temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C. Latching connectors and MIL-STD-202H shock and vibration testing are further features.

The module is customizable regarding conformal coating, revision locks, custom labeling, customized testing, and screening. Linux and Windows support is available as well as the Versa-API software. Example C-code is provided, too.


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