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CAN interface module

Compliant with IEC 61375 and EN 50155

Eltec (Germany) offers interface boards for rail vehicle applications. This includes also a module with a CAN interface.

CAN interface module designed for usage in rail vehicles (Source: Eltec)

The German company has changed its strategy and focuses now on rail vehicle applications. Besides products for passenger Wifi, vehicle-to-ground communication, Eltec provides CAN interface modules. They comply with the IEC 61375 standard series specifying in-vehicle networks for trains (CANopen, MVB, and Ethernet). The company also offers I/O modules, which can be connected with the CAN modules by means of the SPI port using a 30‑pin connector, which includes pins for the power-supply. The I/O modules are available in two versions: for ESD+ (electrical short distance) with optical decoupling up to 20 m distance and for EMD (electrical medium distance) with inductive coupling up to 200 m. The CAN module is designed for the extended temperature range of -40 °C to +70 °C (+85 °C) and for rough environmental conditions compliant with EN 50155. The CAN interface is available at two 9‑pin Dsub connectors.


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