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CAN-to-USB adapter

Open-source product supports CAN-FD

CANtact Pro from Linklayer Labs (Canada) is an open-source CAN-to-USB dongle with two integrated CAN-FD interfaces (flexible data-rate).

CANtact Pro features two CAN FD interfaces and a 480-Mbit/s USB interface (Source: Linklayer Labs)

CANtact Pro has improved the original CANtact hardware by adding a CAN interface. Support for CAN-FD, electrical isolation (between CAN and USB), and high-speed USB (480 Mbit/s) are further features of the CANtact Pro not available on its predecessor. Optionally, the CAN interfaces can be provided with Single-Wire-CAN transceivers compliant with SAE J2411. The CAN ports use 9-pin Dsub connectors. The CANtact Pro and CANtact hardware is being produced by the same contract manufacturer.

The predecessor CANtact features one CAN interface and a 12-Mbit/s USB interface (Source: Linklayer Labs)

The adapter supports Windows, Macos, and Linux operating systems. A command line interface is available for basic interaction with the CAN networks. The cross-platform USB driver support allows building CAN solutions running on diverse platforms. Support of SocketCAN on Linux allows using the device with existing programs. For Windows, the Etas Busmaster tool is supported. Busmaster is an open-source software tool originally supported by Etas and Bosch. It is dedicated to simulate, analyze, and test CAN and LIN networks.

Since the product design is complete, working prototypes are being tested, and an initial batch of devices is already assembled, many of the risks of hardware development have already been mitigated. Linklayer Labs builds open source embedded tools, and provides customized solutions for embedded security.


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