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Smarc 2.1 modules

Embedded boards with dual CAN FD

Avnet Integrated announced the scalable MSC SM2S-IMX8Plus Smarc 2.1 module family, which integrates the i.MX 8M Plus processor from NXP.

Engineering samples of the modules are available to start product development (Source: Avnet)

The modules integrate 1,8-GHz dual- or quad-core Arm Cortex-A53 processors, and the 800-MHz Arm Cortex-M7 real-time processor. They also embed the GC7000UL 2D/3D graphics processing unit (GPU). Versions are available with and without the video processing unit (VPU), machine learning accelerator (NPU), or image signal processor (ISP). Up to 4-GiB SDRAM and up to 256-GiB eMMC Flash memory (optional) are available for program and data storage. The embedded interfaces include two Gbit/s-Ethernet connections, PCI Express, USB 3.0, and USB 2.0. Offered graphics interfaces are dual-channel LVDS, Mipi DSI, and HDMI 2.0. Camera modules can be connected via two Mipi CSI-2 interfaces. Optionally, the boards are offered with a wireless module (WLAN, Bluetooth). Support for Linux is available. Android support is possible on request.

The modules with dimensions of 82 mm x 50 mm are specified for operation in the temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C and require a power consumption between 2 W and 7 W. Typical applications include machine learning solutions, image processing systems, multimedia systems, industrial IoT (Internet of Things), as well as smart home and building automation solutions.

Engineering samples of the modules are available with the pre-production SOCs (system on chip) from NXP enabling to begin product developments. General sampling of the processor is scheduled for Q1 2021. For its modules, Avnet provides design tools, starter kits, and board support packages (BSPs) as well as design-in support and carrier design review services.


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