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For secure multimedia applications

F&S Elektronik Systeme launched two further Picocore modules and the Efus MX8X module. The boards integrate up to two CAN (FD) interfaces.

Picocore MX8M module (Source: F&S Elektronik Systeme)

The Picocore MX8M module is based on the NXP i.MX 8M Mini CPU (central processing unit) with one, two, or four ARM Cortex-A53 cores (1,8 GHz) plus a Cortex-M4 for real-time processing at 400 MHz. An adapted FreeRTOS operating system is available. The board includes an up to 512-MiB Flash or a 64-MiB eMMC. The 35-mm x 40-mm modules are suitable for secure cloud connections. They are deployed in edge node computing, streaming services in multimedia, and machine learning applications.

The Picocore modules use two 100-pin connectors. The interfaces include two SD card slots, two 1-Gbit Ethernet/RGMII ports, two USB, CAN, four I2C, two SPI, four UART, several audio and video interfaces, PCIe, GPIOs, etc. The board is complemented by an optional WLAN or Bluetooth module. The Linux (support for Buildroot and Yocto) operating system is available. In addition to the secure boot (protection against system manipulation and software decryption), there is an optional security chip on the module.

Picocore MX8MP module (Source: F&S Elektronik Systeme)

The Picocore MX8MP module (35 mm x 40 mm) implements the i.MX 8M Plus CPU from NXP. The processor consists of a dual or quad ARM Cortex-A53 core (1,8-GHz) plus an 800-MHz Cortex-M7 core for real-time processing. It also features a neural processing unit (NPU) for machine learning. It offers various video, audio, and voice functionality and provides an 8-GiB RAM and a 32-GiB eMMC Flash. It implements two CAN interfaces and further Picocore ports with a variety of options. The security functions and the supported operating systems are the same as for the i.MX8M Mini. Dedicated applications include machine learning, industrial IoT, and medical appliances. Starter kits are offered.

Efus MX8X module (Source: F&S Elektronik Systeme)

The company’s Efus MX8X module implements the NXP’s i.MX 8X processor in Efus form factor. The processor includes two or four 64-bit ARM Cortex-A35 cores (up to 1,2 GHz) and an ARM Cortex-M4F core for real-time processing. Variants are available for industrial and automotive applications (-40 °C to +125 °C). The board is equipped with an up to 2-GiB RAM, a 512-MiB Nand Flash, or a 64-GiB eMMC. Available interfaces include two CAN FD ports and more. The board implements extended multimedia functions. An Efus module has a supply voltage of 5 V and the common 230-pin connector (also in use with Q7). Linux (Buildroot, Yocto) is used as the operating system. For safety and security, functions such as assurance boot, inline encryption engine, etc., are available. The module is also prepared to develop SIL 3 (safety integrity level) applications. It is suited for cloud connectivity, industrial automation and control, HMIs (human machine interface), robotics, building control, infotainment, and telematics applications.

The company supports the customers from the start to the completion of their projects, they said. The Picocore modules and the Efus MX8X should remain available until 2035.


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