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Embedded World 2021

CAN modules supporting J1939 and CANopen

At the Embedded World 2021 digital exhibition, Innodisk introduces a range of its latest products. The EGPC-B4S1 CAN modules are one of them. They meet the requirements of ISO 11898-1.

The provider of industrial-grade flash, DRAM, and embedded peripherals has strived to maintain its pace of innovations in the face of the past year's pandemic challenges (Source: Innodisk)

Starting into the Chinese New Year of the Ox, the company located in Taiwan introduces at the digital exhibition besides its CAN modules, PCIe Gen 4 NVMe flash storage, DDR4-3200 DRAM, and LAN modules. CAN is crucial for industrial automation and smart healthcare, they explained. The company’s CAN series products meet this demand in the autonomous vehicle, automation, and medical markets, they added. Available modules provide one or two CAN ports, are offered in M.2 2260, M.2 2280 B-M, and mPCIe form factors, with support USB and PCIe protocols. These combinations meet the requirements for CAN 29-bit extended frame format, J1939, and CANopen.

The EGPC-B4S1 are the company’s latest CAN modules (Source: Innodisk)

CAN has been the communication standard for embedded systems in vehicles for years. In recent years, CAN is increasingly used in the automation area. More and more smart devices such as drones, autonomous vehicles are equipped with embedded CAN networks. To meet the demand of CAN ports, Innodisk launched the CAN module, EGPC-B4S1. It’s a M.2 2280 form factor module featuring four isolated CAN ports and supports the higher-level protocols J1939 and CANopen, suitable for industrial applications.

The modules are designed for harsh environment, comply with ESD protection, come with galvanic isolation, and shock/vibration certificates, said the company. The products provide hardware-software integration, software materials for customers to verify and integrate to their applications, including graphical user interface utility, loopback test program, application programming interface library, sample code, and SocketCAN driver. The modules also provide various form factors fitting different motherboards. In this online-only event, the company is also showcasing its Internet of Things technologies and solutions, including InnoOSR SSD which can restore the system with one click. Innodisk's transportation solutions that integrate advanced technologies from in-vehicle signaling, edge computing, and image recognition, will be presented with service, agriculture, and autonomous vehicle cases.


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