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Rail vehicle computer

CAN interface modules

The Ci4rail company, established in 2020, has developed CAN interface modules for its holistic platform consisting of hardware, software, and cloud services.

Extension modules for the Moducop edge computer include CAN-connectable products (Source: Ci4rail)

The Moducop Extension IOU04 module complies with EN 50155. It provides one 1-Mbit/s CAN interface. By means of software configuration the CAN listen-only function can be enabled and disabled. The module was designed for the company’s Moducop Edge host controllers. It requires one slot in the host computer and is powered by Moducop CPU. Linux software support is provided. Software updates are secured.

The company has launched also the Moducop Extension IOU03 module. It can be used to sniffer on CAN or MVB networks. The CAN and the MVB interfaces are operated in a listen-only mode. The one-slot module is compliant with EN 50155 and is controlled by the Moducop CPU (central processing unit). It is intended for predictive maintenance purposes. There are two MVB ports and one CAN port. The CAN port complies with the TCN (Train Communication Network) standards.

The Ci4rail company has been established in 2020. The founders Mathias Beer, Klaus Popp, Bernd Haertlein, and Manfred Schmitz are no strangers in the railroad industry. The roots are going back to MEN, a CiA (CAN in Automation) founding company. The new company situated in Nuremberg (Germany) focuses on computer systems for passenger and freight railroad vehicles. Based on latest technologies such as machine learning, the computer platform is primarily aimed at predictive maintenance applications, but can also be used for other value-added applications.


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