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CAN solution for agricultural implements

Farm cultivators attached to tractors require two CAN channels to operate. Innodisk’s EMUC-B202-W1 embedded CAN expansion board, provides a solution without redesigning the mainboard by facilitating CAN communication through a MiniPCIe interface.

Source: Innodisk)

The implementation of AIoT (artificial intelligence of things) technology using IoT (Internet of Things), cloud computing, and Big Data in agricultural production is leading to the emergence of digital and intelligent agriculture, explained the company. "Smart agriculture" combines agriculture and technology through IoT solutions to equip traditional agriculture with modern farming methods. By controlling agricultural production through the use of sensors and software, one can revolutionize conventional agriculture, the company added.

Stability and reliability are essential features when modernizing “smart” Technology, the company continued. The individual devices within the system must have secure mutual communication, permanent signal reception, and data accuracy. This solution requires the standardization of network protocols to ensure communication compatibility between devices with different interfaces.

Within the automotive/vehicle industry, CAN has become the standard communication protocol; farming tractors also implement it. Farm cultivators attached to the tractors require two CAN channels to operate, however, their IPC (interprocess communication) mainboards have no reserved CAN interface, said Innodisk. The company’s embedded CAN expansion board (EMUC-B202-W1) provides a solution to this issue without redesigning the mainboard by facilitating CAN communication through a MiniPCIe interface. According to the company, these modules have been used in farm cultivators across China.

The CAN expansion card enables the communication between different micro-controller units without the need for a host computer. The signal transmission to the different units and vehicles is done via a single central cable. The dual-port solution is compatible with ARM architecture, Windows, and Linux SocketCAN. The expansion card can withstand harsh environments such as temperature fluctuations, electromagnetic interference, and unstable power supplies, making it suitable for use in agricultural machinery, claimed the company.


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