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For space-saving IIoT applications

TQ announced series maturity of the TQMa117xL system-on-chip (SOC) module for realization of space-saving and energy-efficient control systems. It can include up to three CAN FD interfaces.

TQMa117xL is suitable for space-sensitive IIoT applications (Source: TQ)

The module is based on the i.MX RT1170 MCU (micro-controller unit) from NXP. It scores with a compact size of 31 mm x 31 mm and provides all CPU (central processing unit) signals via a total of 277 LGA (land grid array) pads. The module is equipped with LP-SDRAM, Quad-SPI-NOR flash, and EEPROM memory. An optional security chip and a PMIC (power management IC) are connected to the CPU. Thanks to the processor versatility and the power dissipation of less than 1 W, the module design offers multiple application possibilities in the IIoT (industrial Internet of Things). Offered interfaces include CAN FD, Ethernet, USB, UART, SD card, GPIOs, audio ports, etc. The module as well as the matching mainboard are available in series production.

"As a long-standing partner of NXP, we are very pleased that with the TQMa117xL we now have a low-cost module based on the powerful i.MX RT1170 crossover MCU ready for series production in our portfolio. This new development offers an ideal platform for applications such as small gateways, room control systems, decentralized intelligence in automation, time and attendance systems or even voice-controlled elevator controls," explains Konrad Zöpf, Deputy Director TQ-Embedded.

The recent generation of NXP's i.MX RT processor family, called Crossover MCU, bridges the gap between CPU and MCU. Thus, it combines the energy efficiency and performance of a micro-controller with fast and high-performance interfaces of a processor. Such processors implement the peripherals of application processors and offer a high level of integration, including high-speed interfaces, improved security functions, and hardware support for graphical applications. The MCU customers can continue to use their current tools. Using the MCU technology, i.MX-RT products can eliminate the need for an on-chip flash. This reduces costs and enables operation at a higher clock frequency to achieve more processor performance.

The module provides interfaces to measure the room temperature, to connect a touch display, and to display information. Thus, it is suitable for use in smart home and building automation e.g. for climate, lighting, and access control. The module also scores in industrial automation. Possible application areas are industrial controllers implemented on a real-time operating system (e.g. Free RTOS) used in display systems, motor controllers, actuators, etc.


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