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CAN interfaces ready for Windows 11

HMS now offers Ixxat CAN interfaces ready for Windows 11. Customer applications and analysis tools can be developed using the Ixxat VCI (virtual communication interface) which communicates with Windows 11. This is available for all Ixxat CAN (FD) interfaces.

(Source: Ixxat/HMS)

With the Ixxat CAN interface series, HMS offers a range of PC interfaces for CAN and CAN FD – enabling PC-based analysis, configuration, maintenance, and control. Common PC interface standards are supported, from PCI, PCIe, PCIe Mini, PCIe 104 and USB to Bluetooth and Ethernet, said the company. The VCI programming and driver interface for Windows is provided free of charge and is suitable for Ixxat's analysis and configuration tools as well as for programming customer-specific applications.

Due to the interface-independent API (application programming interface), it is possible to change between the CAN interface types offered by HMS – without changing the customer application. The VCI is available for common Windows operating systems, including Windows 11. The scope of delivery includes the free CanAnalyser Mini, which enables commissioning as well as initial analysis steps. The CanAnalyser is a tool for the development, testing, and servicing of Classical CAN, CAN FD, and LIN based systems. The software package is based on a modular concept and available in three versions (mini, lite, and standard) with a different set of functions and modules. It displays CANopen/J1939 messages according to CANopen/J1939 specifications.

In addition to Windows, HMS also supports the Ixxat PC interfaces with drivers for Linux and various real-time operating systems.


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