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Board with up to four CAN interfaces

ESD (Germany) extended its CAN/400 series of PC boards by another PCI Express board called CAN-Pcie/402. It has an performance ratio of 100 % due to the ESDAcc concept.

THE PRODUCT OFFERS A RANGE of hardware designs. It is available with one, two or four electrically isolated CAN interfaces. The company also offers -D versions without electrical isolation. If you want to connect more than two CAN interfaces via DSUB9-connector, there are –Slot versions available with a third and fourth CAN-interface via a separate slot bracket. Also they offer a version -B4/1 Slot, which means that all four CAN interfaces are connected via one 37-pin DSUB connector. Equipped with up to two CAN interfaces the board is also available as low profile -LP versions.

ESD develops and manufactures hardware and software for the automation industry. They have gained CAN experience since 1990 and is one of the leading suppliers of CAN modules.

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