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CPU in 3U-format with extended temperature range

Fastwel (RU) has released the СРС508 processor board in CompactPCI PlusIO 3U format: a CPU board for generating embedded monitoring and control systems balanced over a set of parameters. It provides two CAN ports.

A specially outlined heat sink takes away the heat from the board, even at the extended temperature range (Photo: Fastwel)

CPC508 iS A PICMG 2.30 "COMPACT PCI PLUS" COMPLIANT 3U MODULE BASED ON Intel Atom N450 or D510 and ICH8M chipset. Due to the low power architecture of the Intel Atom processor, the CPU card has a low power consumption and high performance. The board is designed for systems that require low power consumption, e.g. as a computing platform for rugged industrial PCs in mobile applications or for infotainment applications, offering Windows and Linux based software. With the board‘s dimensions (height: 3U, width: 4НР), and despite an operating temperature of -40 °C to +85 °C, the heat-sink fits the designated dimensions and does not prevent expansion modules from being installed in the adjacent slot. Internal memory (1 GiB) and SSD (4 GiB) are soldered on the printed board, which makes it a self-sufficient one-piece device that can withstand severe mechanical loads.

Application programming software is open for a variety of interfaces for communication with an operator, I/O boards, and external devices. The board can be connected to two monitors: one monitor via VGA connector on the front panel and the second via LVDS interface. Two Gigabit Ethernet ports enable backing up the information interexchange with other parts of Automatic Control System. Four USB ports ensure the connection of various peripheral devices. Using an MIC589 mezzanine expansion module enables the user to additionally obtain audio system interfaces, two EIA-485/422 ports, two CAN ports and two EIA-232 ports. The EIA-485/422 and CAN ports offer galvanic isolation up to 1000 V. Due to the support of the PICMG 2.30 standard, СРС508 enables the use of both conventional 32-bit CompactPCI 3U expansion boards (to the left side of the processor module), and CompactPCI Serial modules (to the right side) within a single system. Four PCI Express channels, two Gigabit Ethernet channels, two SATA channels and four USB interfaces interconnected across the backplane can be used as serial modules interface.

Fastwel has been developing and manufacturing rugged Single Board Computers for mission-critical applications in transport, military and defense, security and telecom for more than 15 years. It delivers CPU modules for aerospace equipment, industrial automation and process control systems. Besides manufacturing products, the company offers a range of OEM and ODM services.


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