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Galvanic isolated CAN-to-USB interface module

The CAN2USB module by 8devices (Lithonia) is used to connect PCs or equivalent hardware (e.g. notebook) to the CAN network. Via the USB the module is supplied with power. The Lithuanian company also develops hardware and software for OEMs and offers some other products.

THE COMPANY SELLS ITS ADAPTER MODULE via its website and provides in the download section related software for Windows-7 including a 64-bit kernel driver program. The open-source Canal API is a DLL for Windows. Linux driver programs are available, too. The hardware costs less than 60 euro.
The module is based on an ARM-7 micro-controller (STR750FV2). The galvanic isolation is specified for up to 500 V.
The CAN interface supports all CiA recommended bit-rates (from 1 Mbit/s to 10 kbit/s). The CAN connection is realized by means of a 9-pin D-sub connector. The CAN driver software is able to handle 11-bit and 29-bit identifiers. The host interface indicates the bus status by means of an LED.
The module comes with the VSCP (very simple control protocol) software. This open-source project has been around for about twelve years. Sponsors have covered most of the development costs. There are no external software engineers. The three authors manage all VSCP developments including bug-fixes by themselves.

8devices is a company engaged in development, manufacturing and sales of unique design and functionality electronic equipment. Many years of expertise in hardware engineering and software design allows us to deliver exceptional quality products with the best price performance and quick time to market approach. Our company also works with OEM and ODM wireless equipment projects and can develop your own software and hardware solutions based on your specification list.

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