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Low-profile PCI Express cards

Hilscher (Germany) provides the Cifx 70E PCI Express communication interface cards dimensioning 119 mm x 69 mm x 18,5 mm for CANopen and DeviceNet networks. The CAN interface is accessible via the 9-pin D-sub connector.

THE CIFX COMMUNICATION INTERFACES ARE BASED on company's Netx 100 network controller and differ from each other in the physical interface. The protocols are provided as loadable firmware on a CD. The driver loads the firmware into the interface during each system start-up. This allows using the card e.g. as a CANopen NMT (network management) master or as an NMT slave. A license is required for the NMT master firmware. It may be purchased with the interface (or at later time) and is permanently saved in the card. Data exchange is possible via a dual-port memory.
The CANopen NMT master functionality includes SDO (service data object) up- and download, Emergency consumer/producer, node/life guarding, heartbeat, Sync producer and PDO (process data object) mapping support.
Supported PDO trigger modes are synchronized, remotely requested or event-driven (change of state). Maximal 512 RPDOs (receive PDOs) and 512 TPDOs (Transmit PDOs) are supported. The NMT slave mode supports less CANopen functions e.g. up to 64 RPDOs/TPDOs and no SDO up- and download. The operating temperature may vary from 0 °C to +55 °C.
The devices provide a unified user interface for various protocols. Company's interface variants comprise PCI, PCI Express, Mini PCI, or CompactPCI models.
The manufacturer provides a ten-year commitment of availability for the interfaces. The tool based on FDT/DTM technology is used for configuration. The device driver software is available for Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows 2000.

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