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Add-on boards and communication modules for CANopen and DeviceNet

The German industrial communication specialist Kunbus offers the Kunbus-IC add-on boards and Kunbus-COM communication modules. These provide a standardized connection to the various field-networks such as CANopen, DeviceNet etc.

THE ADD-ON BOARDS ARE CONNECTABLE TO the host controllers via a UART interface. The CANopen version supports the specified (see CiA 301) bit-rates from 10 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s. Maximal 8 TPDOs and 8 RPDOs may be defined. The company’s protocol stack is shipped with the device. The LSS (layer setting services) as defined in CiA 305 may be used for setting the node-ID and the bit-rate. Automatic bit-rate detection is supported as well. The interface to the control unit and the network are electrically isolated up to 2 kV. The board consumes 575 mW. It measures 45 mm x 25 mm in DIL32 format. Working temperature ranges from -40 °C to +85 °C.

The Kunbus-COM communication interface products are the evolution of the Kunbus-IC family. Available are field-bus and Industrial Ethernet versions. The modules may be plugged into the control board or may be connected by a cable via an SMC (32 pin) connector. Providing in a DIN-rail mountable housing is possible.


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