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USB interface for CAN and LIN

Vector (Germany) has introduced four host interface units connecting CAN networks via USB to PCs. They replace the CANcaseXL series. Depending on the device, they offer – along with numerous functions such as CAPL-on-Board, acceleration of flash programming, K-Line and local I/O – more channels in smaller form factors.

WHILE THE FOCUS IN DEVELOPING the VN1610 with two CAN channels was on small package sizes and weight, the VN1630 with four channels (CAN and LIN) was optimized for flexibility and I/O support. The VN1640 with four interchangeable transceivers and the small VN1611 LIN/CAN network Interface will follow shortly.

All devices are powered exclusively over USB and provide galvanic isolation between all channels and the PC. This avoids high currents in ground loops. All products devices are seamlessly integrated in the manufacturer’s tools such as CANoe, CANalyzer, and CANape. They are also suitable for Indigo and vFlash. The XL Driver Library is supported without modifications.

The product line succeeds the USB CANcaseXL family. The PC interfaces can be used in the development laboratory, at the test bench, at the service garage or in the vehicle. The application areas range from simple bus analysis to complex remaining bus simulations, diagnostic, calibration and flash programming tasks. The product’s multi-application support makes it possible to access multiple programs in parallel on one device and on the same channel.

Subsidiary in China

Vector is expanding its network of subsidiaries. Recently, the “toolmaker” and development service provider has opened an office in Shanghai (China). Peter Liebscher manages the 10-persons Chinese subsidiary. Now the company has the opportunity to market its entire range of products and services directly in the Middle Kingdom. Nevertheless, Vector will continue its business relationship of many years with its Chinese sales partner HiRain. Peter Liebscher summarized the reasons for founding Vector China: "All of the large automobile manufacturers are thronging to the Chinese market, and we are taking this opportunity to position ourselves well in the market.” The subsidiary will also provide services such as consultation, technical support and training courses directly to its Chinese customers.

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