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Real-time operating system support

With the ECI (Embedded Communication Interface) driver software Ixxat (Germany) offers a programming interface for its CAN PC interfaces. It supports QNX (6.5.0), Intime (3.14, 4.2, 5.0), RTX (6.5.1, 8.1.2, 2012) as well as Linux.

THE DRIVER PROGRAM IS AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE for the company’s CAN interface module. It provides an application interface which enables the exchange of the user interface without adaptation of the software application. Supported interface types are ranging from mobile usable USB-to-CAN interfaces up to extendable interfaces for PCIe, PCIe Mini, PCIe 104, PCI and PMC. Several interfaces and CAN channels (11/29 bit identifier) can be used simultaneously. For the automotive industry the low-speed CAN (ISO 11898-3) and LIN channels of the interfaces are supported.

The common application interface applies for all supported operating systems, so the user can, besides changing the type of interface, switch to another operating system. The ECI supports the functions “single-shot mode" (single transmission without automatic repeat at lost arbitration) and "high priority messaging" (prioritized transmission, before other messages which are already in the transmission queue).
In addition to the ECI, Ixxat still offers with the VCI a driver for Windows-based applications.

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