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Safety ECU supports semi-automated driving

The SDE 2 by TRW Automotive (Germany) is the second generation of its safety domain ECU. It offers improved performance and connectivity to CAN, Ethernet, and Flexray.

THE PRODUCT IS INTENDED SUPPORTING semi-automated driving and car-to-car communication. The ECU has a flexible, open architecture structure to integrate software control algorithms from both suppliers and third parties including vehicle manufacturers, using Autosar 4.0 and beyond as a basis. It can integrate and process data from multiple functions including vehicle dynamics arbitration and driver assist data (radar, video camera and digital map information), to enable 360 degree environmental sensing. It implements a multi-core microprocessor that provides CAN, Ethernet, and Flexray.

Dr. Hans-Gerd Krekels, TRW’s portfolio and engineering director, commented: "In previous years we have seen exponential growth in electronic systems in cars – a trend that is set to continue with the further penetration in active safety systems and increasingly automated driving functions. As the number of sensors increases in a vehicle, having a central safety 'domain' helps to deal with the increase in complexity and to simplify the electronic architecture. The SDE 2 uses leading edge electronics technology to support next generation vehicle requirements. We are continuously looking at how we can integrate a wider range of features into this single unit and enable a higher degree of functionality and actuator control.”

In order to achieve the necessary level of performance, TRW use high-performance micro-controller specially designed for automotive graphics applications. In addition, the ECU make use of the Mobileye chip. TRW anticipates that its SDE 2 will be ready for production by 2017. The first generation technology started production this month with a major European vehicle manufacturer.

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