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CANopen device with analog and digital ports

Hirschmann MCS (Germany) has introduced the DIO module featuring analog and digital I/O ports. It is intended to communicate via CANopen with the company’s C-Scale and Q-Scale series of programmable controllers.

The CANopen I/O device is designed for use in mobile machines (Photo: Hirschmann MCS)

THE CANOPEN PRODUCTS FROM HIRSCHMANN MCS are designed for outdoor applications. The recently launched CANopen I/O device provides analog and digital I/O ports. It lends itself to a range of applications, for example for capturing and sending I/O signals simply by relaying a CAN signal through the slip rings. The CANopen interface is used to communicate with company’s host controllers or any other CANopen device with NMT master functionality. The device can be used to locally capture sensor signals or to control actuators such as proportional valves.

Besides offering a robust housing (IP66/67), the product is impervious to vibrations and jolts, making it suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions. The I/O ports are configurable, which enables a diversity of applications and solutions.