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High-power modules

Controlled via CANopen or J1939

Erni (Germany) has expanded its Bluecontact family offering the Cube drive modules. They are suitable for commercial, agriculture, and construction vehicles. They provide configurable high-power circuits.

(Photo: Erni)

THE I/O UNITS ARE DESIGNED FOR POWER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS that require the ability to control relays and monitor fuses and relays. The compact devices (195 mm x 195 mm, with 78 mm height) features CANopen and J1939 connectivity. They can be configured to provide various OEM circuit protection and switching functions, using industry standard fuses, relays and circuit breakers. The status and control of each circuit is accessible through CANopen or J1939 messages. Based on the Pressfit technology they are suited for commercial vehicles. Manufactured as a hardened and weather tight system the products are rated for up to 300 A. The power modules support an operational voltage of 9 V to 32 V.

Each module comprises two main 150-A inputs. The output functions include 12 pre-fused 25-A relays outputs and seven fused 25-A outputs. There are also two pre-fused 70-A relays output and four high-side 3-A outputs as well as three low-side 250-mA outputs. The output modules comes in heavy-duty housing and are specified for the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C (-40°C to +125°C on request). The housings are IP20- to IP69-rated. There are three default configurations (Basic, Experts and Experts Plus). Each can be adjusted to the requirements of the customer.

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