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Interior lighting system

For rail vehicles

The Interior lighting control (ILC) by Teknoware (Finland) uses an embedded CANopen network and communicates with the TCMS (train control and management system). It is intended for use in rail coaches.

The TSB0640 units provide CANopen connectivity compliant to the CiA 433 profile (Photo: Teknoware)

THE INFORMATION EXCHANGED BETWEEN ILC AND TCMS includes dimming levels for several areas, interior temperature, usage hours and estimated lifetime, lighting control commands and status information, as well as fault conditions. The control functions comprise the adjustment of light color temperatures, active dimming, and sensor-based light control. The lighting can be controlled through electronic sensors according to passenger motions. Another function is mood lighting with mixing colors for color LEDs. All of this can be done with an individual light unit or group of lights. Of course, diagnostics can be communicated, too.

CANopen is one of the internationally standardized consistant networks (IEC 61375-3-3). The Finish supplier offers the lighting units as well as a programmable CANopen NMT master device. This means the user can program lighting functions and the diagnostics. The NMT master device comes with a touchscreen interface.

First applications

When planning a project, Teknoware defines the protocols together with the customer. The user specifies the required information. In order to customize the ILC system, the supplier needs specifications for hardware and communication. Of course, the simplest way is to follow the CiA 433 CANopen application profile.

Recently, Teknoware has supplied systems for two different projects. One of them is based on the CANopen protocol. In this case, the light color temperatures are controlled through the system. The other one is based on a proprietary CAN-based solution. The meanings of the used ID-messages have been agreed on with the customer. In this application, the lights are not controlled by the TCMS but by the TSB0640 units, only the diagnostics data are forwarded via the CAN network. The diagnostic data includes data failures and the lighting controller status (e.g. supply voltage on/off). The TSB0640 monitors the power group’s status and uses an emergency power group as the power supply. Additionally, the device observes the light sensors, which are used to control light levels in the coach. This includes the status of the active dimming as well as the dimming level in the coach.

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