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40 I/Os

CAN-node for hydraulic valves

The CAN-node ICN-VV from Inter Control (Germany) was designed to control hydraulic valves. Direct control of proportional valves is possible. It comes with 40 I/Os.

For applications with a lower I/O-requirement an ICN-V with 16 outputs and 4 inputs is also available (Photo: Inter Control)

THE CAN-NODE COMES WITH UP TO 32 OUTPUTS, WHICH can supply a current of 4 A each. The maximal total current is 80 A. Up to 16 outputs can be configured to be used as PWM-outputs with current control. Additional 16 outputs are carried out as digital outputs which can also be configured to work as digital inputs or counter inputs. Beside these I/Os, 8 additional inputs are available which can be configured to work as digital or analog inputs. The CAN interface comes with CANopen and an integrated CAN T-connector. The bit-rate ranges from 20 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s.

All CAN-nodes of the ICN-V family are suitable to be used in mobile working machines with 12-V or 24-V power supply. The device comes in an aluminum enclosure, which is protected according to IP66K, and an extended temperature range of -40 °C to +80 °C, as well as a shock- and vibration proof design. Mounting without an additional electrical cabinet, directly at the vehicles body and thus nearby the hydraulic valves, is possible.

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