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Four channel current input module

Frenzel + Berg Electronic (Germany) has extended its Hipecs CIO CANopen module series. The current input module Hipecs-CIO57 provides four analog current input channels.

(Photo: Frenzel + Berg)

THE INPUT RANGE OF THE MODULE can be set either to a 4-mA-to-20-mA or to a 0-mA-to-20-mA measuring range. The input signals are converted with a resolution of 16 bit. The module outputs data in standard hex format as well as directly in micro Amps. All input channels are overload protected against short circuits to ground or supply voltage.

The CAN interface with a high speed CAN transceiver for bit-rates up to 1 Mbit/s is isolated and the CANopen implementation is compliant to the standards CiA 301 version 4.2 and CiA 401 version 3.1. The setting of the node ID and CAN bit-rate is done with DIP switches. The module works in a operating voltage range of 11 V to 32 V and its housing is designed for DIN rail mounting.

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