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Power distribution module

For CAN-focused manufacturers

Infinitybox’s J1939 Powercell PDM provides ten outputs. It delivers a customizable, modular power distribution platform that can be added to existing CAN-based wiring harnesses.

The J1939 Powercell PDM (Photo: Waytek)

WAYTEK (US) HAS ADDED PRODUCTS OF INFINITYBOX (US) to its portfolio. One of them is the J1939 Powercell PDM (power distribution modules). Waytek is a distributor of electrical wiring supplies, connectors, and relays for the mobile equipment industry. Infinitybox is a manufacturer of CAN network for power management and mobile equipment products.

The Infinitybox J1939 Powercell PDM is designed for commercial vehicles. It provides ten outputs per each powercell, Mosfet outputs, internal fuses for harness protection, automotive connectors for harnessing, and up to six Powercells on one J1939 network. The module offers integrated output LEDs for status and diagnostics, and it is field configurable and addressable. A variety of connection kits is also available.

The product provides a power distribution platform that can be added to existing CAN-based wiring harnesses or it can replace traditional wired relay panels. The Infinitybox Inmotion motor controller includes five H-bridge relay pairs for polarity reversing, internal current sensors for monitoring output load, integrated fuses for harness protection, automotive connectors for harnessing and output configuration set by CAN messages sent from the Infinity J1939 input device.

The off-the-shelf system is customizable. Customers add the hardware necessary for the complexity of their vehicle. The behavior of the PDMs can be controlled by configuring the software on the user’s J1939 input device. This allows changes to be made before, during, and after installation; providing control over the vehicles electrical system.

Infinitybox PDMs provide a complete electrical management solution for low-volume prototypes or high-volume, serial production. The module’s multiplexed architecture streamlines and has the capability to integrate functions of external electronics modules including timers, delays, dimmers, alarms, and other control systems. It also features a built-in Infinitybox J1939 gateway that allows integration to other systems in the vehicle.

Originally designed for harsh-duty and off-highway equipment, the products have crossed over to a range of commercial, emergency vehicle, and motorsports applications. These power systems have been designed and tested for harsh off-highway applications.

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