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I/O module

Eight analog inputs and improved design

The X-Link module MX-Sens2 8 from Ipetronik (Germany) is an eight-channel analog measurement device with sensor-excitation.

The working temperature range of the device is -40 °C to +85 °C (Photo: Ipetronik)

IPETRONIK'S X-LINK MODULE MX-SENS2 8 combines the measurement technology of Mx-Sens with improved design of the CAN modules from the M2 Series. The measuring inputs are 100 % pin compatible to existing Mx-Sens and M-Sens 8/8plus modules. The device measures 204 mm x 41 mm x 55 mm and comes with eight analog measurement inputs supporting sample rates up to 10 kHz per channel. Its measuring range per input is selectable from 12 unipolar/bipolar voltage- and two current-ranges.

It provides a 10 mV range, e.g. for standby current applications, each input of the product comes with galvanically isolated sensor excitation. The data output ensued to CAN and/or Ethernet within the Ipetronik X-Link system. Additionally it features a complete galvanic isolation (inputs, excitation, CAN, power supply, enclosure). The device was designed for automotive use and its M2 series housing provides a toolless module-to-module connection.

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