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Measurement module

Six strain gauge inputs

The STGMM 6 pro HS from CSM (Germany) is a CAN measurement module for strain gauge measurements. It is suited for distributed measurement applications under challenging environmental conditions.

(Photo: CSM)

THE MODULE FEATURES SIX STRAIN GAUGE INPUTS with measurement data-rates up to 10 kHz. It is mechanically compatible to measurement modules of the CSM Minimodule series. The module’s CAN interface enables a maximum data rate of 1 Mbit/s. The measurement module can be configured via CAN using the CSM Config Tool or CSM Inca add-on. The settings and configurations are stored in the device.

The product offers support of full and half bridge strain gauges with 4- and 6-wire connections. It can be configured via the utility program xx-Scan Config using a universal measurement range. At typically 1,5 W (without strain gauge excitation) or 2 W (all channels with 350 W full bridges and 5 V bridge excitation voltage) it has a low power consumption.

According to the manufacturer, the module offers good measurement accuracy under difficult temperature ranges and environmental conditions. Its operating temperature ranges from -40 °C to +85 °C and it can withstand a relative humidity of 5 % to 95 % and pollution degree 3. It enables a high resistance to interferences due to its ratiometric measuring principle and configurable software filter. It comes in an aluminum housing with IP67. The device measures 200 mm x 35 mm x 50 mm.

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