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Sensor + Test 2015

8-slot controller mixes I/Os

At the Sensor + Test 2015 fair, National Instruments (NI), a provider of platform-based systems, announced the Compact DAQ. This 8-slot controller integrates an Intel Atom Processor.

The 8-slot controller provides a CAN interface (Photo: NI)

THE 8-SLOT CONTROLLER EXPANDS THE COMPACT DAQ 4-SLOT controller to meet high-channel count applications in rugged environments. By integrating the processor, signal conditioning, and I/O into a single Compact DAQ system, engineers can reduce overall system costs and complexity while increasing measurement accuracy. Integrated measurement systems reduce the number of components, connections, and wiring needed, to ensure high-accuracy measurements and cost-optimized systems.

Both the 4-slot and 8-slot controllers feature an Intel Atom dual-core processor that can run either Windows Embedded 7 or NI Linux Real-Time. By pairing industry-standard OS options with Labview system design software, customers can port the Labview code from existing measurement systems to these controllers. They can combine Labview and over 60 sensor-specific I/O modules for Compact DAQ to customize data acquisition systems to meet their application needs.

The controller provides a removable SD storage and comes with integrated CAN, LIN, USB, Ethernet, and EIA-232 interfaces. Users can mix and match a variety of I/O types, including AI, AO, and DIO to meet their specific application needs. The product can take measurements in shock and vibration environments as well as temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +70 °C.

“We’ve expanded the Compact DAQ family by adding an 8-slot controller to give customers another rugged and integrated solution,” said Stefanie Breyer, director of data acquisition R&D at NI. “The Intel Atom 3800 processor gives engineers powerful processing paired with high-accuracy measurements that can be used in a variety of applications from in-vehicle data logging to distributed measurements.”

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