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TEDS sensors

Plug-and-measure module

To be able to respond rapidly on changing tasks in measurement technology, Ipetronik supports the use of TEDS sensors (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) with their multifunctional module Sx-STG.

The Sx-STG (Photo: Ipetronik)

THE UNDER IEEE-1451.4 DEFINED plug-and-measure standard contains among others information about the identification number of the sensor, the calibration, and the supplier. It enables adjustment of the module on new sensor parameters. The Sx-STG detects e.g. IEEE-1451.4 Class 2 sensors (multi-wire connections, e.g. as bridge sensors) automatically when putting on and reads the sensor-specific data via the TEDS connection. It is a benefit for the user, that they does not have to enter the scaling data manually. Channel-specific settings such as operation mode, filter, excitation voltage, sampling rate etc. are performed with the company’s measuring data acquisition software Ipemotion.

“Everywhere, where complex measurements and measurements with frequently changing measurement setups or many measurement channels are performed, TEDS plays out its advantages”, explains Harry Stoerzer, leader of application and support at Ipetronik. “Besides the easy and fast setup of measuring chains, the “electronic data sheet” guaranties dependably correct measuring data at every measurement task. TEDS is suitable for the vehicle development and production as well as for applications on-site at the customer.”

(Photo: Ipetronik)

Sx-STG is a eight channel multi analog measuring module with sensor supply for various applications inside the car cabin. The module supports three different signals according to measuring input: voltage, IEPE (Integrated Electronics Piezo Electric) resp. ICP (Integrated Circuit Piezoelectric) as well as strain gage sensors. Eight analog inputs cover measuring ranges with voltages of ±0,01 V to ±50 V. Each input has its own configurable sensor supply of ±15 V to ±45 mA. The measuring data output happens on a CAN network or Ethernet. The module has an anodized aluminum case in accordance with protection type IP54 and a size of 75 mm x 119 mm x 185 mm. It operates in a temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C. The product operates within a supply voltage range from 9 VDC to 36 VDC. All measuring inputs, CAN/Ethernet, and the module supply are galvanically isolated.

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