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Remote I/O system

Devicenet and CANopen couplers

Weidmüller has expanded its remote I/O system u-remote with fieldbus couplers for Devicenet and CANopen.

Devicenet and CANopen fieldbus couplers provide individual system customization (Photo: Weidmüller)

THE DEVICENET AND CANOPEN COUPLERS have been added to the wide choice of fieldbus couplers for Profibus, Profinet, EtherCat, Modbus IDA, and Ethernet/IP of the company. According the company, due to the u-remote fieldbus couplers for Devicenet and CANopen, applications in control cabinets as well as machinery and plant engineering are now more flexible and can react to market demands specifically. As the I/O module is not fieldbus dependent, the system migrates from one fieldbus to another by exchanging the coupler. That means, depending on customer requirements, the requisite fieldbus coupler is simply placed in front of the u-remote station and thus provides solutions for a wide variety of environments.

With u-remote is the power supply for inputs and outputs separated into two 10-A current paths (the feed-in current for input and output modules is max. 10 A for each). The I/O modules therefore allow for the logical structure of sensors and actuators to be specifically distributed, something the feeder module saves on. For users, this means greater freedom and flexibility in planning activities with far fewer calculations to do.

Along with individual system customization, the product also ensures commissioning and faster system operation, says the company. A web server integrated into each fieldbus coupler allows for system functionality testing and diagnostics to be carried out before connecting a control unit. The web server also facilitates phased commissioning operations and speeds up maintenance work. Whether it's for remote diagnostics or the local simulation of inputs and output forces, u-remote requires no special software, just a regular Internet browser.

The web server design comes with swipe functionality. In addition, the designed interface is optimized for mobile touch devices. A further advantage is that the integrated web server supports fast series configuration by allowing the u-remote configuration to be saved as a file and transferred to other stations via upload. Users can access the web server by USB as well as the fieldbus interface.

Every Devicenet and CANopen coupler makes provision for 64 I/O modules and can operate in temperatures ranging from –20 °C to +60 °C. Naturally, both fieldbus couplers comply with current standards and requirements. They weigh 220 g with dimensions of 120 mm (128 mm with release lever) x 52 mm x 72 mm.

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