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Level controller

CANopen-connectable joysticks for marine applications

The L01 to L04 multi-axis joystick by Lilaas (NO) is now also available in North America by Imtra (USA). The products are approved by Det Norske Veritas.

The level controller provides force feedback without intermediary motors (Photo: Lilaas)

IMTRA IS DISTRIBUTOR FOR THE MARITIME joysticks by Lilaas. Already available in European markets, the products are now also available in North America. The L01 is designed for azimuth, single/double thruster and propulsion control, while the L04 is a multi-axis joystick controller designed for a variety of onboard and shore-based applications. The CANopen-connectable products have secured type-approval from Det Norske Veritas covering International Association of Classification Societies E10 standards for control units, EN60945 standards for Marine Navigation Equipment, and the International Protection standard IP56 covering protection against access to hazardous parts, ingress of solid foreign objects and water.

The L01 is offered in multiple configurations and can be purchased with an electric shaft system or as a mechanical version. The unit’s TFT LCD display panel graphically shows lever position and provides feedback information from ships’ systems. It also includes improved image quality controls, such as addressability and contrast, as well as capacitive touch switches for menu operation or for customizing functionality. Each unit communicates via CANopen, analog signals or both, depending on the application requirements. Imtra’s technicians have been trained in the Lilaas factory and can configure the L01 in minutes as part of the installation and setup process using Lilaas’ proprietary advanced software. Controllers can also be purchased with optional engraved indicators and LED illuminated scale.

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