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Data acquisition system

Extended by three more modules

HBM (Germany) has added three more modules to the Somat XR data acquisition system, extending the range of applications. One of them is available for CAN connection.

The added amplifier modules extend the application range of the Somat XR data acquisition system (Photo: HBM)

THE SOMAT XR DATA AQUISITION SYSTEM was designed especially for road tests with construction, agricultural and mining machines, as well as for summer and winter tests with road vehicles. HBM has developed three more modules for this system. One of them is the MX840B-R universal amplifier especially for varying measurement tasks that require the use of different transducers. The measuring amplifier has eight channels for connecting over 16 different transducer technologies.

The second module is the MX471B-R, which can be used to connect the data acquisition system to a CAN network. Four individually configurable interfaces receive CAN, J1913, CCP, or xCP-on-CAN data. In addition, analog measured values recorded with other Somat XR amplifiers can be sent to the CAN network.

With four channels and a data rate of up to 100000 samples per second for each channel, the MX411B-R module is suited for measurement tasks such as vibration measurements and impact tests in which measurement data for dynamic processes must be acquired precisely. With the three added products, the data acquisition system now has six modules.

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