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Embedded World 2016

Cloud-connected I/O controller

At the Embedded World fair, Home2net (Germany) showcases a device that routes serial interfaces and connects peripherals to the cloud. CAN is available for OEM versions of the product.

(Photo: Home2net)
(Photo: Home2net)

The device (web@ctrl2) routes serial interfaces usually to Ethernet and connects peripherals to the cloud. Additional interfaces like CAN, I2C, 1-Wire, and EIB are available for OEM versions of the product. Peripheral devices are connected via EIA-232 / EIA-485 interfaces or digital inputs. The product can also read analog values and drive inductive loads with its digital outputs. In addition to routing of serial protocols, appliances and machines can be controlled from a cloud server via the device.

The I/O controller offers cloud-based configuration and supports software distribution to multiple devices via the cloud. In contrast to conventional products, which respond to arbitrary connections from the Internet, the controller establishes a secure connection to a known cloud server on the local network or the Internet. The server then allows to safely connect to the I/O controller. This enables private interconnection of multiple controllers and offers visualization and services that are not possible with traditional control devices. The product’s dimensions are 53,6 mm x 89 mm x 60 mm. It comes with an industrial temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C as well as 16 digital / analog inputs and outputs. The company’s h2n app for the product is available for tablet and smartphone.