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Push button and I/O modules

Griessbach offers complete CAN control systems as well as CAN/CANopen-enabled push button and I/O modules. The modules can be installed to integrate vehicles and mobile machinery into automation networks.

CAN-enabled Griessbach push button modules feature signal and functional illumination for visual guidance (Photo: Griessbach)

Griessbach (Germany) not only provides complete control systems for utility vehicles that support the CAN network, but also a range of CAN/CANopen-enabled push button and I/O modules for flexible custom configurations. These economic products are especially suitable for manufacturers who require only a small number of such components and are keen to minimize their in-house development effort.

The versatile standard modules equipped with CAN interfaces can be installed to integrate vehicles and mobile machinery into the automation network. They are scalable and available in various dimensions with four keys to twelve keys. The control units are equipped with short-stroke keys. Customer-specific foil designs for input fields are part of the standard offering. Backlit pictograms and two status LEDs per key ensure user-friendly operation.

Griessbach supplied CAN-enabled modules with pre-configured function keys and a custom foil design to Mueller Umwelttechnik (Photo: Griessbach)

The modules are also available with additional actuation protection or special embossing to provide finger guidance. Further options include extra interfaces to connect peripheral devices such as brightness sensors or external switches. The housing design with a sturdy frame and IP65 ingress protection reliably seals the unit against dust and moisture. For applications that require special moisture protection, the modules can be sealed at the back. Depending on the number of keys, the devices come in different dimensions. To ensure a vibration-proof fit, the enclosures are equipped with spring clamps that allow users to snap the devices into a suitably dimensioned installation opening.

Griessbach, which has become a CAN in Automation member this year, now also offers an I/O module: it can be used to add sensors, switches, and actuators for expansions of existing CAN networks. The module featuring IP65 ingress protection and four analog and digital inputs is connected via a pre-assembled 4-pin connector. With a resolution of 10 bit, the analog inputs facilitate the connection of control levers, rotary encoders, or fill level sensors. The digital inputs can be used e.g. to connect robust automotive switches or limit switches. The I/O module is equipped with four high-side and two low-side load outputs to connect and supply other devices, for instance, lamps, valves, relays, or small motors. Data is transferred at the typical CAN speed of up to 1 Mbit/s. The terminator is software-configurable to suit the actual cable lengths in an application and establish a bus termination as required. Like the keypad modules, the I/O module can be snapped into a 74 mm x 53 mm mounting opening thanks to the in-built spring clamps on the ABS plastic housing.


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