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Electrical center

Electromechanical power distribution

The MEC 97 by MTA (Italy) is an electromechanical power distribution unit designed for the agricultural world. It comprises a CAN network.

The MEC 97 (Photo: MTA)

The MEC 97 is a modular electrical center for the distribution of power and the protection of major electrical utilities in off-road applications. It is a plug-and-play product produced with PCB (printed circuit board) logic and with press-fit assembly, which ensures optimum electrical contacts even in the presence of strong vibrations, says the company. The PCB logic allows for the maximum customization of the content of the fuses and relays and the circuit diagram in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

The fuses and relays are housed in a sealed compartment that protects the components from dust and water. Protection is also ensured by a Gore-Tex vent that allows free air circulation in the unit, thus avoiding the formation of moisture. These characteristics make the product suitable for use in the engine compartment, where it can be positioned horizontally, vertically or inclined, and thereby taking maximum advantage of the available space. Upon request, MEC 97 can accommodate a module for processing messages from the CAN network in digital outputs. The units from MTA allow for a simplified wiring layout in the engine compartment and are designed to ensure the protection of components from dirt and water, as required by these applications.