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Reader and writer with CAN

Idtronic has launched its Bluebox M30 UHF cylindrical reader and writer. The RFID product is suitable especially for industrial automation.

(Photo: Idtronic)

Idtronic developed its RFID reader for users, who need a flexible and fast integration into different applications. These applications are typically found in production control, material handling, and in tracking & tracing systems. The Bluebox M30 UHF reader and writer is a fixed and compact all-in-ones solution with a power output of up to 27 dBm per 500 mW. The power setting can be set in 1-dBm steps starting from 10 dBm. In combination with the integrated circular antenna and a gain of -8-dBi the RFID can achieve reading distances of up to 40 cm.

The device comes optionally with a CAN interface. The supply voltage range is specified from 10 V to 36V. The antenna allows a flexible and fast integration into existing applications with easy to install M30 housing and M12 connectors.

The Bluebox software development kit runs under Windows (XP to 10). Combined with C++, C# and an ASCII-command protocol, it offers functions to integrate the modules. Customization of firmware and hardware is possible on request.


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