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Bus coupler

With matching I/O modules

MKT has introduced their IO16 series. The bus couplers and I/O modules are suitable for CANopen networks.

The company launched the IO16 series of bus couplers with matching I/O modules (Photo: MKT Systemtechnik)

As an expansion to the existing portfolio of mini-controllers and network components, MKT Systemtechnik (Germany) has introduced the IO16 range. The bus couplers and I/O modules are suitable for integrating sensor and actuator signals in CANopen and Ethercat networks. The IO16 BCEC CANopen coupler is 18,8 mm wide.

The modules of this series feature tool-free assembly, said the company. Bus couplers and I/O modules communicate via an internal bus. The 12-W I/O modules are powered via the rail bus connectors. These can be plugged in, which is simpler than conventional wiring. For increased operating safety, the CANopen interfaces and I/O modules are electrically isolated from the bus couplers. Rotary switches on the front panel are used to set the CAN bit rate and the node ID.

Four LEDs indicate the status of device, system bus, and CANopen connection. I/O modules suitable for the bus couplers are available in analog or digital versions. The analog range includes the IO16 8AI device with eight analog inputs for signals with -10/0 V to +10 V or 0/4 mA to +20 mA; the IO16 8AV output module with eight analog voltage outputs with ±10/0 V, as well as the IO16 4AOC with four analog current outputs for 0/4 mA to 20 mA signals. The digital I/O module line-up comprises the IO16 16DI with 16 inputs for 10 VDC to 30 VDC signals, and the IO16 16DO module with 16 digital outputs, each providing 11 VDC to 45 VDC and 600 mA to a connected module.


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