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Sensor + Test 2017

Measurement module for test stand and mobile applications

The Cansas-Flex series by IMC (Germany) offers a selection of CAN-based measurement modules. They cover all typical sensors and signals from heavy machinery, industrial installations, and vehicles.

CAN modules with click mechanism (Photo: IMC)

The modules can be installed in both a spatially-distributed arrangement or as a central unit. With the IMC click-mechanism, the modules are electrically and mechanically connected to each other – without the need for tools or cabling. On test stands, in factories or plants, wherever multiple modules are permanently installed as one central unit, the use of a 19-inch rack is often recommended. This allows modules to be conveniently inserted with automatic supply and connection to the CAN network. There is a range of different CAN modules with various features in the series. Operating temperature ranges from -40 °C to +85 °C.

Whether test stand, on-board vehicle application, or industrial environment – when time synchronous, dynamic, or decentralized acquisition of large channel counts is required Cansas modules are suitable. They are equipped with measurement amplifiers. The digitized measurement signals are output as CAN messages and can be read and recorded by any measurement, automation, or control system with a CAN interface. The company is part of the Sensor + Test 2017 exhibition.


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