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RFID technology

Identification device for machines

Sigmatek has developed the RFID 131 identification device for machines. The integrated CAN interface provides communication over greater distances.

(Photo: Sigmatek)

As soon as the error and confusion-free identification of people, operating equipment, and products is required, no modern production systems can get around using RFID technology. Sigmatek has therefore developed the universally applicable write/read device RFID 131, which is based on the globally proven 13,56 MHz radio frequency band and supports the ISO standards 15693, as well as 14443-A and B. This allows the use of a broad selection of passive RFID transponders. In addition to Mifare tags, the RFID 131 also communicates with Icod SLI, TI Tagit, and other standard cards.

The device is mounted in a rectangular cutout with 89 mm x 56 mm. Using a clip-mount, the reader with acrylic glass front and visible status LED is installed; IP54 protection is achieved. Particular attention was given to the system integration, said the company: The CAN interface also provides communication over greater distances. Through the free addressing, multiple RFID 131 devices can be connected to the primary control. The integration into the Sigmatek architecture is performed via drag-and-drop using the available Lasal hardware classes.


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