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Bus coupler

For CANopen

Phoenix Contact has extended its modular Inline I/O system product range with two bus couplers. One of them is for CANopen.

The both bus couplers (Photo: Phoenix Contact)

The IL CO BK-XC-PAC bus coupler for CANopen is designed as an XC variant and can be used in adverse ambient conditions. For distributed safety solutions, both bus couplers can be combined with safety-related terminal blocks featuring the company’s Safety Bridge Technology. Due to the overall width of 40 mm, compact I/O stations can be implemented using this generation of bus couplers.

The IL EC BK-PAC bus coupler connects the Inline I/O system to an Ethercat controller. The bus coupler designed as an Ethercat slave supports the CoE and FSoE mailbox protocols. A corresponding ESI file is available for integrating the Inline station into the programming system.


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