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I/O device

Supports CANopen and J1939

Ifm has introduced the programmable ioControl device, which is designed for mobile machinery. It comes in a special housing.

The shown devices are programmable (Photo: ifm)

The I/O modules are connectable via two CAN interfaces to a host controller. Due to the Codesys programming functionality, the devices are able to pre-process the sensor and actuator values. For small applications, they can also be used stand-alone. The products come with CANopen or J1939 software. The CANopen software complies with the CiA 401 profile for modular I/O. Due to the two CAN ports, the device can be shared by two applications, e.g. the J1939-connected engine and the CANopen network controlling the other parts of the machine.

The units are suitable for installation in harsh environments. All connectors are IP67-rated. The glass-fiber reinforced housing features reverse-polarity protected Deutsch connectors suitable for mobile use, providing all the necessary connections for inputs, outputs, communication, and programming. An integrated two-color LED display with keyboard serves to indicate the most important system messages, the bit rate, and the node number as well as for device configuration. An extensive range of connection cables completes the offer.

The products are available in different configurations: There is a choice of analog and digital inputs. The analog inputs can be set as current inputs (0 mA to 20 mA) or voltage inputs (0 V to10 V or 0 V to 32 V). The core of the product is a 32-bit processor. Its monitoring and protective functions enable operation even under extreme operating conditions, stated the supplier.


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