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I/O extender

Connects RFID transponders to CAN

The TWN4 Multitech Nano is a device for reading and writing RFID transponders. The optional I/O extender unit enables to connect the unit to CAN networks.

Some RFID transponder units are designed for integration into machines (Photo: Elatec)

The product can communicate with a number of transponder types in the frequency ranges of 125 kHz, 134,2 kHz, and 13,56 MHz. It provides peripherals (low-/high-frequency antennas, SAM card slots) needed to test the core functionalities. Besides the ready-to-use interfaces (USB and UART), it can be connected to CAN networks by means of the I/O extender. Furthermore an LCD graphic display (over SPI interface) is contained.

Besides development boards, the supplier offers RFID transponder modules, which can be integrated into machines and devices. They can be connected to an external antenna through printed circuit board. These units come with optional CAN connectivity and feature eight general-purpose I/O ports.


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