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Bus coupler

For CANopen

Luetze’s Lcos and Locc-Box series includes bus couplers which communicate via CANopen.

The couplers communicate internally via CANopen ISO 11898-1 (Photo: Luetze)

The bus couplers connect the Profinet bus and Ethercat bus to the peripheral modules and facilitate communication. The couplers communicate internally via CANopen ISO 11898-1. Communication with external Locc-Boxes on the bus is configured with a 2-pole design. Up to 64 modules can be installed on the bus couplers. In operation with external Locc-Boxes, up to a maximum of 128 bus couplers can be installed. Loads are connected via pluggable 2-pole spring terminals (AWG 24- AWG 12). The parameterization is performed using the free Luetze Windows software Locc-Pads.

The status indications are visualized by LEDs for Power, Maintenance, Error, and BC-Error. The bus couplers comply with the standards UL 61010, EN 61131-2, EN 55016, EN 61000-4-2/3/4/5/6, EN 55011, EN60721-3-3, EN 60068-2-1-42. The approvals for UL and GL are pending.


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