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RFID module

With optional CAN connectivity

Elatec provides for its TWN4 Multitech 3 BLE module an optional CAN interface.

The 50 mm x 35 mm x 7 mm printed circuit board (PCB) can be provided with a housing (Photo: Elatec)

The RFID reader/writer device is designed for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) applications. It supports many current RFID standards for the frequency ranges 125 kHz and 134,2 kHz as well as the 13,56-MHz band, including NFC (near field communication). For industrial applications, an optional CAN interface is available. Certifications are available in Europe and North America; a detailed list is in the data sheet.

The product has been optimized in respect to size. It addresses small printers, healthcare electronics, driver identifications, point-of-sales equipment, etc. It is compatible with many transponders and features an 18-KiB on flash-memory. Additionally, it provides three general-purpose I/O ports.


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