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CANopen I/O unit

Suitable for small space applications

Horner has launched the Smartmod+ I/O modules providing an optional CANopen interface. They are designed for price-sensitive applications.

The HE389 I/O modules can be connected via CANopen to the supplier’s host controllers (Photo: Horner)

The Smartmod+ I/O family expands the supplier’s OCS system. According to Horner the DIN-rail mountable products are a cost effective solutions to add more digital or analog I/O ports. They require just small space and are made for small to medium size automation systems. The CANopen support allows direct interface with any X-Series OCS or other OCS/RCS family controller. CAN bit-rate and CANopen node-ID are selectable by means of DIP-switches. The maximum bit-rate is 1 Mbit/s. The HE389 CANopen-connectable I/O units provide digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs, relay as well as RTD (resistance temperature detector) functions.


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