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Remote control unit

Wireless receiver comes with CANopen interface

Teleradio (Sweden) offers a 2,4-GHz remote control unit comprising a transmitter and a receiver. In Italy, the IP66-rated product is available from Ravioli.

The Panther remote controller allows a wireless connection of up to 500 m (Photo: Teleradio)

The Panther remote controller uses the 2,4-GHz band. The transmitter buttons can be redirected to activate any relay, or series of relays. Pressing just one button can start a chain of events, e.g. activate several relays with a specified amount of time in between. The transmitter LEDs are programmable. The relays can be assigned momentary or latching functionality, and can be set to interlock in any way that you want. The receiver module provides a CANopen interface.

Teleradio founded in 1955, has seventeen subsidiaries and collaborates with some 30 authorized dealers and partners. Ravioli in Italy is one of the partners. Recently, The Swedish company with about 200 employees established an office in Kielce (Poland). “The Polish market is growing quickly and is becoming a key player in the European economic region and we want to be part of that development.” said Ola Samelius, the managing director or Teleradio. Dariusz Olszewski manages the Polish office.

There are CANopen receiver models: R18-1 and PN-R18-2. They measure 54 mm x 96 mm x 37 mm. They can be coupled with transmitters available in the Panther range. The customer has a wide choice of transmitters to choose from. The transmitter passes on data to the CANopen receiver, which the customer is free to interpret with a PLC. Examples of data could be functions, signal strength, remaining battery power in the transmitter, out-of-range instances and so on. Since the receiver is void of relays it has the potential of being installed on vehicles, in which another kind of receiver would be less ideal. Since the receiver has a small footprint it opens up for markets that previously had trouble fitting larger receiver housings in often very tight spaces. The receiver comes either with a normal cable gland (PN-R18-1) or with an M12 connector (PN-R18-2).


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