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Hannover Messe 2018

Perimetric sealed CANopen valve island

Camozzi (Italy) has developed the Series HC of pneumatic valves, which isolates external environment from the internal part of the cabinet. Thisenables a protection level against solid and liquid particles that, upon entering, may damage the components.

(Photo: Camozzi)

At Hannover Messe 2018, the Italian company exhibited its valve island with CANopen interface. The Series HC provides the same valve functions as the Series HN. All pneumatic connections are immediately available avoiding operations for the installation of panel mountings.

The CANopen-connectable device can be equipped with 32 valve positions. The product is IP65-rated. All the pneumatic connections are available on the lower side. This surface allows, by means of a specific seal, to isolate the internal part of the cabinet as well as the components inside from the external environment. The solution is thus particularly useful in presence of liquid substances, as for example in the food and beverage processing and in the process industry.

The sub-base allows the simultaneous mounting of the Series HN valves of size 1 (10,5 mm) and 2 (21 mm). Valve size 2 occupies the space of two-valve positions size 1. The two outlets “2” and the two outlets “4” of these positions are conveyed, by means of a junction block, to one outlet “2” and one outlet “4” of bigger dimensions. In this way it is possible to use the major flow of valve size 2 with the same sub-base. The valves can be placed as desired in any position. In case it is necessary to optimize the electric signals, the supplier recommends initially installing valves size 1 with two solenoids.


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