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CANopen bus-coupler

Suitable for 512 digital inputs and 512 digital outputs

Weintek (China) provides the iR-COP bus-coupler with a CANopen interface. Besides digital I/O lines, if features up to 64 analog input and up to 64 analog output channels.

The CANopen interface module supports eight TPDOs and eight RPDOs (Photo: Weintek)

The bus-coupler can be connected to the company’s digital and analog I/O modules. They provide a wide range of inputs and outputs. The CANopen interface unit supports all necessary CANopen protocols. This includes NMT, Heartbeat, Node/life guarding, Emcy, Sync, and PDO. The PDOs can be transmitted event-driven and synchronously. Remotely requested PDOs are supported, too. The bus-coupler provides one Default SDO server. It comes in an IP20-rated plastic enclosure. It measures 27 mm x 109 mm x 81 mm and weighs 0,15 kg. The CANopen interface is available at a 5-pin open style connector. The device is qualified for a temperature range from 0 °C to +55 °C and conforms with EN 60068-2-6 as well as EN 60068-2-27 (vibration resistance).


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